Micro ovens are an essential part of our lives. A poor quality micro oven can ruin the quality of your food hence SOGOOD Electronics presents you list of the “TOP  MICRO OVEN BRANDS IN BANGLADESH”

1. Panasonic NN-CD684BFDG MicRO Oven

This delightful tempered steel planned convection stove offers a 27 LTR limit and filters out bacterias & dust. It additionally has a result of 900W.

Its exceptional elements incorporate preheating and helps melt ice, alarm system, auto cook menus, steam cook choices, dial and button control type and so on & so forth.

It also gives air frying and food steaming choices unlike numerous others of its sort. Its press button framework is not like your traditional touch pads making it more durable. Its smooth dark mirror get done with simple heat choices makes it Panasonic’s top pick for customers on a budget.

2. Samsung MC-455THR Microwave Oven

This model of the Samsung Micro Oven comes with six different multi mode options. The  size capacity of this model is 45 liters.  This model has truly been one of the most hot selling Micro Oven in Bangladesh.

Some of the other functional features that this model comes with are durable interior, scratch & rust resistant, resistant to discoloration due to excessive cleaning & lastly, it  has a power level of 1450W.

3. Sharp R-84A0(ST)V Micro Oven

This model is cheaper in terms of price than the other ones & is also very good for your day to day use. It comes with 10 different automated menus, touch dial pads, easy to use door, compact in size.

The size capacity is 25 liters which is a bit smaller than the other ones but the price of this model does outweigh its small capacity size. 

4. Whirlpool Jet Crisp GT 288BL Convection Micro Oven

This is another model whose size capacity is as small as 25L but it has other features that are sure to blow your mind. Starting off with steam & 3D crisp technology which ensures you will get the best quality both top & bottom crisp.

This Micro Oven can also be used to heat liquid type foods such as soup very effectively & efficiently & it  is also very cheaper in price compared with the other ones.

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