Our Story

Official Statement:

AIWA brand has been developing products for consumers globally since 1951 in Japan.

We are glad to announce that we are officially independent as of 2017 and will be fully committed to designing and manufacturing cost-effective and high-quality consumer electronics accompanied by a world-class customer service throughout the globe, focusing on key product ranges: Audio, Display, Small Domestic Appliances, White goods, Electronics Accessories.

Aiwa company is rolling out its initiatives to set up a long-term plan whereby trusted & capable business partners are established worldwide.

AIWA is back, and we will be stronger than ever.


1951 Founded & Independent
1982 Acquired by Sony Corporation
2006 Brand Discontinued
2017  Re-Launch of AIWA [Independent]
2020 Kick-start AIWA Global Business Network Formation

Iconic Logos.

The images on the left illustrates the 3 Iconic AIWA Logos that currently exists within the industry. AIWA hereby officially states that all three logos represents the same AIWA brand, and one should not be distinguished as a separate identity.

1st Logo – International Standard

This is the deemed current international Logo standard, Most regions throughout the world bears this international AIWA Logo.

2ns Logo – Specific use (Chinese Domestic Market)

This logo was unveiled during the 12th China (GZ) International Audio-Visual Fair AIWA Audio line-up soft launch

3rd Logo – Low Market Prevalence

The iconic AIWA logo used extensively in the past. Low prevalence in the current consumer electronics landscape.

Best Selling Product
Audio Products

At AIWA, Music and Audio will always be our focus and niche. Aiwa brand is your best choice from wearables to portable speakers, from Turntables to huge performance party speakers. Our full audio range embodies the true essence of sound engineering and expert design. We make sure to deliver the true AIWA audio experience worldwide at any price range. The AIWA DNA & Philosophy is applied uniformly throughout the extensive product range at every part of the development chain.

Best Selling Product
Audio Products

Aiwa company, the experienced and professional TV supplier, prides itself on being uncompromising even while pledging ultimate value to the consumers. It is reflected strongly within its display range, and so do the smart TVs Aiwa company makes. With considerate service and high quality, the Smart TV from the Aiwa brand is popular with customers worldwide.


Lifestyle appliances from the Aiwa brand aim to be affordable and reliable. Never skimping on necessary safety requirements, our value towards consumer honesty is brought out through a wide array of our lifestyle appliances.

Aiwa company is always there to deliver the true Aiwa lifestyle experience worldwide at any price range. The corporate culture of Aiwa company is applied in its appliances at every part of the development chain.